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Aim of the Project

Belemedik has an important cultural value not only with its natural values but also with the remains of buildings that witness a certain historical period. To date, studies on the field have been developed on the theme of nature, and the building remains in the field have not been extensively evaluated in the policies implemented here.This project focuses on cultural assets in the field and aims to integrate them into the tourism theme in the region. By the Municipality of Pozanti; the building remains are evaluated according to certain criteria (construction techniques, value of commemorative and re-use potentials) and how to add them to the existing walking routes in the region, activities are carried out in the digital environment and in the field for the site interpretation to the visitors.


Through an action plan prepared within the scope of the project, the studies are carried out for the protection of cultural values and visitor management. In the action plan themes are focused on; Natural values (conservation-planning), cultural values (conservation-planning-reuse), tourism-promotion-visitor management, management-authority-legal framework, accessibility and transportation .



In this context, after the feasibility studies and route analyzes carried out in the field at the first stage, focusing on the theme of 'tourism-promotion-visitor management'; preparation of information units and routing signs, determination of cultural routes, defining of routes for the visitors to navigate the remains in these routes effectively, and presenting these routes in digital and printed environment with different language options. In addition, it is aimed to meet the basic needs of visitors in the field; resting places, gastronomic units, wc, taps, camping areas, cooking units etc. infrastructure works were carried out.



In the second phase of the project, it is proposed to reuse the building remains in the area with restoration works according to the needs of the user and tourism concept, focusing on the theme of 'tourism-promotion-visitor management' as well as the theme of  'cultural values (conservation-planning-use)'.

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