Belemedik, with its natural and historical values, offers a variety of activities to address different types of tourist profiles and offers various activities provided by these values and geographical opportunities in four seasons.The geological structure, cultural-natural landscape and rich biodiversity of the area have enabled the diversification of tourism activities.


Belemedik, which is one of the most important point and camping area of hiking routes, has been in the spotlight of individuals/communities interested in outdoor sports as a professional or amateur for many years. Thanks to the routes here consist of paths which arer parallel to the railway heritage in the region, hiking is one of the most useful activities to feel and experience the nature-history relationship in the area.

Most known walking routes in the region;

1- Pozantı-Belemedik Route: This route consists of a 9km long, mostly stabilized road. the road can be evaluated at a low degree of difficulty because of the advantage of being suitable for slope, road conditions and other geographical conditions. Click here for the recommended resting points and structures to be seen on the route.



No drinkable water

No phone signal(some places)

2- Sightseeing Route: Center of Belemedik: The purpose of this short 1km route is to bring visitors together with the building and technical remains from the German logistics base established for railway construction in the early 1900s. Click here for Route Information.



Camping area, drinkable water, services

No phone signal(some places)

3- Belemedik-Hacıkırı Route: This long route, which is about 20 km length, consists of sections with different difficulty levels. In this route, people uses the path of the service road opened during the construction of the railway in the early 1900s, which continues parallel to the historical tunnels and the valley. This route, which becomes more difficult with increasing slopes, offers an exciting adventure with the combination of valley landscape and cultural heritage. It is recommended that the route be accompanied by a guide who knows the area well or in groups.



Requires camping, no drinkable water

No phone signal (some places)


In the center of Belemedik where the historical texture in the region is concentrated, various areas have been established as camp sites. Under the trees, there are units such as taps, wc, and masjid in order to provide needs of campers in these large area.


Belemedik is a natural open air studio that hosts all tones of nature in all seasons.It is quite exciting to see historical photographs of Belemedik in many archives due to the fact that the relationship of the area with photography dates back to the first years of its construction, and even in those years when the camera was rare, there was an interest in the field. From past to present, the relationship between the area and photography is increasing with the recognition of the area, and it is one of the most preferred photo safari spots especially in autumn.

Wildlife Observation

Belemedik which is very rich in terms of wildlife, can be observed especially wild goat, wild boar and birds of prey. In particular, flocks of wild goat coming to the river to drink water are the most frequently observed species in the area. In addition to these, wolves, coyote, foxes, lynx, badger, indian porcupine, skunk, bat, raven, pigeon, magpie, kestrel, woodpecker, bee-eater, turtle species are also sheltered.

Pozantı Municipality Cultural Facilities