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Sightseeing Route: Center of Belemedik

This route consist of the central parts of the logistics base which was established during the railway construction.This short route includes private and public spaces such as houses, hospitals, prisons, workshops, cafeterias built in the early 1900s, as well as the remains for the infrastructure of the settlement such as culverts, boiler rooms, chimneys and wells.

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Route Photos

Pozantı-Belemedik Route

This route, which runs parallel to the Çakıt River, offers an opportunity to observe the harmony of Cilicia's geographical rock formations and green landscape and the railway heritage integrated into this geography. You can take a break in the greenery areas next to the Çakıt River and listen to the nature, see the historical tunnels of the railroad which continues parallel to this route, and if you are lucky, you can come across trains that use this road.


Route Photos

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